This picture was taken at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Thursday, August , 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Danville Touring Options

1. Welcome/Visitor's Center
2. Danville Science Center/Train Station
3. Trolley Tour through downtown
4. Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History - The Sutherlin Mansion
5. The Riverwalk
6. A Danville waterfall tour


1. The City by the Dan
2. Historic Homes
3. Textiles and Tobacco: The Old Economy
4. The New Economy: Technology and Bioproducts


Monday, November 15, 2010

6 Places I would take you:

1. River Walk
2. Go Cart Track
3. Community Market
4. Tank Museum
5. Canoe (parks)
6. Art Museum

3 Angles:

1. The wonders of Danville History
2. Rivers worth more than fishing
3. Foods from the south

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

101 Dalmations

                    While i cant really say this is my favorite Glen Close movie its one that i remember most because of her wonderful acting. She really reminds me of a bad guy in most movies i have seen her in.
                     In this movie she portrays a fur lover who will do anything for the rarest fur. She decides she wants the dalmatian fur and she stops at nothing to try and get it. However Close being the bad guy, and bad guys never win, she does not succeed and gets put in jail for thievery.
                     This movie introduced Glen Close to me in a way that when i was a child i would see her as a bad guy forever, though now i see her as a very determined women. This role like many will show her determination throughout her career and will bleed through in her characters.


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Perfect Woman

Glenn Close portrays delightfully devilish Claire Wellington in the 2004 remake of The Stepford Wives.

In this film, Walter Kresby and Joanna Eberhart take their two children to live in Stepford, Connecticut, after Joanna suffers a complete nervous breakdown upon her dismissal from the network she was running.

Stepford seemed perfect--perfect to everyone except Joanna, who was suspicious of the strange happenings in Stepford.

Eventually, viewers learn that all of the women in Stepford are robots, changed by their husbands into "perfect" wives.

Claire is also full of surprises, but I'll let you watch for yourself to see what Glenn Close brings to the table!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Michael Keaton in Batman

My all time favorite Michael Keaton movie hands down, is defiantly Batman Returns. I remember watching it with my brothers when we were younger.  Keaton was the perfect man for the role as Batman. He played his character as Bruce Wayne perfectly which gained my likability even more. 

Actors Danny Devito and Michelle Pfeiffer also made this movie a must see for me. ( Which were characters Cat-woman & The Penguin) I also enjoyed the first movie Batman movie. Michael Keaton is the best Batman my far (to me). I have to say I've watched this movie over five times.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dirty Dancing

               Its a man vs man type story. It takes two different people from two different sides of the tracks and unites them through a common passion, dancing.
              The two characters Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey play their parts so well its really hard to imagine them as any other people. Baby, played by Jennifer Grey comes into conflict with her surroundings when she becomes completely mesmerized by Johnny, her dance instructor played by Patrick Swayze. Johnny who comes from a significantly different background than Baby soon becomes captivated by he uniqueness.
              The story is amazingly constructed, very cleverly cast, and completely  appropriate for the time period it was made in (1987). The reason is in this time period higher class people were not meant to be attracted to lower class because it would bring shame to your family. However in this movie where no one puts Baby in the corner the two characters (Johnny and Baby) overcome the standards set by other people.


Love & Basketball

I enjoy many movies but one of my favorites was Love & Basketball.

Its your typical love story with a twist that revolves around basketball. Its about two people who love basketball and play it for a living. They've known each other since they were kids and were friends ever since. In high school they started a relationship but after college they lost touch.

Just when you think they will never see each other again, love seems to bring them back together in their adult years. The movie ends with the women playing for the WNBA and the male character who is now her husband, is in the audience with their child.

This movie's plot is great and the the actors were the perfect pick for this movie because they had such great chemistry. I give this movie two thumbs up.



My favorite film of all time is easily "Titanic."

This movie played into my interest in transportation and had me hooked before the first time I saw it!

Of course, I fell in love with the characters and the humanity of the film was also captivating to me.

The film is set in 1912, during the White Star Line's Titanic's maiden voyage. The film follows two young lovers as the events unfold on the days leading up to April 14 when, of course, the ship fatally struck an iceberg and sank over a period of a few hours.

This movie has everything--love, intrigue, betrayal and an incredible feat of innovation.

This classic will remain at the top of my list--perhaps I should go watch it now...