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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Non-Dramatic Review

I was very impressed with the three performances Dr. Hoffman shared in class today.

The first was Blue Man Group performing a part of one of their shows using some everyday items in very unique ways. There was something of marshmallow mouth-stuffing competition, which was quite possibly a statement against overindulgence in our society. The group also used paintballs in a way not originally intended by the manufacturer. Two of the three men caught the packs of paint in their mouths and spat the contents onto a canvas to create "art." Again, I find this to be a commentary on our society and what defines art.

The second show we saw was a portion of a Cirque Du Soleil performance. This featured two men running and jumping around two circles as the entire structure spun around. They performed feats of acrobatics and physical prowess. The show was clearly a challenge to put together.

The final group of talented individuals shared with the class today was Fighting Gravity from Virginia Tech. This group of fraternity brothers were impressive in conceptualization and execution. While I noticed room for improvement, I was impressed with the performance.

My favorite of these is the performance from Cirque Du Soleil. I really enjoyed the element of danger and perceived commitment from the performers. I felt their execution of the show was flawless and left me with a very positive impression of Cirque Du Soleil as a whole. I wouldn't mind seeing more from that genre.


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