This picture was taken at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Thursday, August , 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Three Shows

Besides being blue i didn't really like a lot about the first show we watched from the Blue Man Group. I though the lighting was too blue it made try real hard not to get a headache and the act was just mediocre.I expected more from professionals.

As for a team of new comers Fighting Gravity didnt have to fight at all the gave the illusion that there was no problem laying side ways in the air the music and lighting was amazing and worked very well with the production. There are some things they could clean up but all in all for amateurs they did a way better job than say 3 blue dudes.

Though the most amazingly, heart wrenching, deathly act was the death wheel act performed by the Cirque De Sole. They did a wonderful job from music, costumes, tricks and everything, they kept you watching without a doubt and you didn't want to take your eyes off of them for one second. They truly defined entertainment and how it should be done.

And a drum roll please the most amazing act of them all is without a doubt the Wheel of Death by Cirque De Sole. They did a wonderful job and kept me not wanting to even take my notes for looking away meant that i could miss an amazing talent.

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