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Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Blogs: Huffington Report, Slate, & The Drudge Report

Robert Greenwall: "No More Crooks in Congress, Investigate Candidate O'Donnell. This particular blog talks about how O'Donnell has been used up to $20,000 in campaign funds on paying her rent, bowling, and buying personal meals. There was a petition at the end of the blog for viewers to be a part of.

In the Slate, I read was about how Leonard Downie described Arianna Huffington & staff (of the Huffington Post) as "primarily parasites living off journalism produced by others." Arianna responed to this by stating that her journalist have posted 300 original blogs daily. I really thought this blog was interesting.

I wasn't really interested in the Drudge Report, I couldn't understand why the topics were just posted in a unorganized manner. I did find one article that I actually read which was one about the Queen wanting to use the state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace.

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