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Monday, September 6, 2010

Editorial Cartoons

                                                  We looked at some editorial cartoons last Thursday in class some of them were really funny some of them just had no relevance to me, but some were just so ignorant that i didn't even care what they were about. I mean i really liked the ones about Brett Favre, he is old and cant decide to either come or go. I honestly believe that he thinks if he quits football he is going to get older, and i hate to say this but Brett football isn't making you look any younger so give it up already. I also really enjoyed the Iraq ones i mean they were so honest and straight to the point unlike the idiot who put us there (BUSH) not trying to call names or point fingers. However i could almost spit on Glenn Beck and his cartoons are so ignorant and just like him some people must like digging there graves till the wind up buried in China. Anyway just telling it how it is.


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  1. Good comments Sierra. Some editorial cartoons go "over the wall," I think, and they truly anger me at times. But, that is the purpose of editorial cartoons - the get a reaction from the reader. DEH