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Monday, September 27, 2010

Political Gossipers

Political columnist Marcus Wohlsen of The Drudge Report talks about California's Proposition 19 which basically deals with the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. I like the style and the information is very educational it gives you a more people point of view on the issue and lots of detail into the whole ordeal.

Political columnist Byron Williams of The Huffington Report speaks on the issue of passing Proposition 23 the would take California back to a time when Reagan was president and it will be proposed by people who dont even live in California. Although i dont really like the piece it doesnt really speak to me cause i cant understand what its saying but i guess it could  be for someone else.

Political columnist David Greenberg of the Slate basically gives a tribute to the Kennedy- Nixon debates and talks on how the debate favored Kennedy. This piece was really long but it was in terms i could understand and it was well organized i liked this one it was just a bit lengthy.


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