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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

political columnists

             In the New York times there was a non-biased article about both democratic and republican  nominations for president back in 2007. It showed that the paper had no preference one way or the other or that weren't going to pick and choose and just stay neutral.
           In the L.A. Times the article talked the radical republican Christine O' Donnell running for Senate in Delaware. It also discussed Sharon Angle and how she wanted to abolish social security and medicare. Therefore my conclusion here is that the paper is bashing radical republicans (yay) and  reveling them for who they really are.
            Finally in the Wall Street Journal i read and column on how Ohio is being a swing state in mid-term elections for senators. I don't really know what that means and well the column was kind of boring but i guess you need one or two of those sometimes.

Anyway sorry the post is so late i was meant to post right at 8 but i went to view it and didnt realize i hadnt posted yet oops sorry again night .....

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