This picture was taken at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on Thursday, August , 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comedy Behind The Scenes

So i read a story that i found on Anecdotage.com where there was this play that involved bringing a real horse onto stage. Well the characters had no problem with that but the horse was a bit nervous and displayed it in a stinky manner. While the play still has to go on there was bound to be some problems. During a fight scene located right in front of the horse one of the characters stabbed another character and the stabbed person was suppose to fall but didn't. So the stabber trying to stay in character stabs again and tells the stabbed to fall the stabbed refuses with a line that goes like this " I will fall if you find me a clean place to fall".

I know I know your dying laughing but what would you have done.


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