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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outside a Box

So i wish instead of critical thinking i could just plainly say i thought outside my room or something but somehow i feel that is cheating. Instead i thought some more and some more. 
This is what i came up with everyday at Averett  i am learning new things sometimes its hard to keep track of them because of my inability to focus on things that dont seem interresting. THEREFORE in thinking outside the Box i devised a plan that would solve everything. I think colleges should use a poll and start questioning people on how they process either through the hands on learning or a more focused teach and read process. Once they have all the percentages start dividing staff into more hands on learning teachers and the others and then give the students a choice between which way they chose to learn.            

This could be transfered to an opinion piece on how people learn and does this way of learning result in a better outcome for the person or rather do they learn more or less. Anyway just thinking out side the box.                                                        

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  1. This is a good idea. People learn in so many different ways - some hands on; some by reading; some by osmosis. Good entry. DEH